Use psychology to improve your sales

Differentiating from increasing competition may seem like an impossible mission, but with a little help from psychology, it should be easier. Many salespeople for example have seen a large increase in their sales when they go to the Mexico dentists for a tooth whitening or dental implants and have discovered that it is because psychologically people have to trust more in people with a cleaner and smarter appearance, of course, psychology involves more than what a person can perceive with their eyes,

Understanding the dynamic impact on engagement and loyalty can help brands win the competition. Knows principles of psychology that can help create better relationships between brand and consumer.

The consumer is saturated with brands, it is a reality. Therefore, it is increasingly difficult to find differentiation, creating memorable experiences. It seems that the panorama of brands will not stop swelling during the next few years, so it is better to look at what is not going to change: human psychology and the principles that are behind the daily interaction with brands.

Use emotions

Humans make decisions based on their intuition, their emotions and the connection they feel with a product, with a person, with values ​​or with a vision. Yes, logic also exists, as well as the lists of pros and cons before deciding on something. But according to many studies, 90% of human decisions are based on emotions.

Create associations

The illusion of frequency creates an experience in different channels with a consistent message, helping to build a buying pattern. Retargeting is effective for this concept. A multichannel strategy can plant the roots of this psychological concept. Repetition is essential for learning, in addition, so a constant memory can help consumers to commit to this product or service.

To take advantage of all this, it is best to take a look at the products and services offered and think about the emotions they evoke. If you can understand the feelings that lead consumers to make purchasing decisions, you can cultivate an engagement strategy that uses collective emotions to create buying patterns.