Get The Perfect Customer And Take Care Of Them

At the time of developing the product or service, Marketing reminds us that we must focus strongly on the market segment we target, even if we are trying to sell dental extractions in Tijuana, we must know the segment well. If we can not work with representatives of the segment to know their needs and validate, we run the risk of not achieving the desired impact and then having difficulties in the sale. If the enterprise is technology-based, this is even more important since the general temptation is to introduce functionalities that are technologically challenging but have dubious value for the user.

Knowing our future client also allows us to investigate other key issues in Marketing; the design of the distribution channel, how communication and price/product configurations should be. We will also learn the sales process: what stages it traveled until finally arriving at the purchase, what criteria it will use to evaluate (rational and/or emotional) and how we must accompany it to make the decision.

All this information must be consolidated in a Marketing plan that allows the launching to be achieved, achieve the desired impact and start generating sales.

Use of artificial intelligence. This is one of the trends in digital marketing that is manifested mainly by the increase of startups specialized in artificial intelligence. Its application - for example in the interpretation of data analysis - significantly improves users’ navigation through the prediction of their needs.

For companies and agencies, it is a great advantage, since it not only allows to manage huge data banks but also gives the possibility of solving problems that may be encountered on the fly. Likewise, it opens the doors for the development of increasingly specialized tools that adapt in real time to the behavior of users.

Seduction as a strategy To dare to seduce marketing experts advise, that the failure would be not to try.

In purchasing decisions and infidelity to a product or a brand, the brain generates the same neurotransmitters, hormones and chemical components as when we fall in love.

Alfred Hitchcock said that a good script or a bad movie can come out of a good script, but a bad script cannot make a good film. And he specifies: “Strategy is the fundamental pillar of a company, but many do not have a definite one, that’s where Hitchcock got excited.