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The pressing problem for communicators is to transform their thinking and organizations from a focus on awareness to a focus on recommendation as the critical metric for success in Internet driven markets.

For corporations, media has provided a critical channel to customers. Media has existed as a pipeline which could carry a controlled message from one end to the other – from the corporation to the customer. Although in truth, media channels have always comprised some uncertainty and have been difficult to accurately size and quantify, sufficient conventions have emerged over the years such that the act of buying media or influencing journalists could be reduced to a relatively precise science.

But the Internet has permanently altered company-media relationships and today the disciplines of corporate communications, brand communications and product communications operate in a world where online conversation plays a significant and growing role. Every company now faced an imperative to embrace new online communications methods needed to operate in a world of online conversation.

The time has come to wholly embrace online communications as the first and foremost approach to communications and to ditch the compromise between “old” and “new” marketing; that it’s right to cite “recommendation” as the first-and-foremost goal of communications and to ditch “awareness” as a driver of communications; to unequivocally embrace open communications techniques to achieve those two things.

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