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The next phase of the Internet is upon us, a combination of three powerful forces - mobility, cloud computing  and social technologies - has the potential to transform the way enterprises learn, innovate, and operate.

As both companies and their employees continue to invest in wireless and mobile devices, the compelling benefits of unwired access to information and person-to-person communication are driving the biggest societal transformation in history. Forward-thinking enterprises will need to understand the changes underway: not simply as an opportunity to improve productivity, but as a core driver of radical organizational change.

Cloud computing has now expanded beyond a few core services and is poised to radically transform how businesses deliver their products and services and manage internal collaboration.  Online software applications help people work more productively together and share information in ways that haven’t been previously possible. Gaining competency in cloud computing today will position companies for the future business landscape.

Social technologies are making market communication into open dialogues — between companies and their customers, amongst customers, and with a variety of third parties. The most innovative aspect of this dialogue doesn’t come from businesses simply trying to influence the conversation, but from businesses learning how to listen, be changed, and act based on what they have learned.

In this context, utilizing the collective wisdom of employees is fundamental to the success of the enterprise. Organizations that embrace collaborative practices supported by innovative social media tools and technologies will decrease costs and increase productivity and sales by increasing satisfaction and retention of employees, customers, vendors and partners.

Enterprises are only scratching the surface in adopting these emerging technologies in powerful combinations. The next years will represent a challenge for enterprises as they seek to understand the value that cloud computing, application mobility and social technology bring to business improvement and innovation. While these three elements all independently bring important benefits to the enterprise, together they will transform how the enterprise interacts with its customers, partners and employees.

About Open-First
We are a global team of experienced technologists, marketers and business leaders. We specialize in helping companies of all sizes re-examine their communication, design, innovation, management and support practices in the era of digital communications and open collaboration.

From our offices in the US and in Europe, we are working with some of the world’s top technology, entertainment and consumer brands, consulting on traditional and innovative marketing and communications strategies.


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