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August 4, 2010
tags: open communications, event
by Ted Shelton

Today the Techonomy conference gets started in Lake Tahoe and even if you aren’t here you can follow everything going on at the event on Twitter and on a special Typepad blog donated for the event by Chris Alden and his team at Six Apart. The Open-First team has been working with closely with Techonomy founders Brent Schlender, David Kirkpatrick, Peter Petre, and Michael Christman for the past several months in order to make sure that there is a steady stream of updates during the event. Our work here is a great example of how we apply social technologies to an organization’s communications needs — building community at the same time that we foster openness and transparency. Of course a conference is an easy place to demonstrate the effectiveness of these technologies, nonetheless there are lessons here for every organization.

In helping Techonomy create the official blog for the conference (check in at we also wanted to make sure that it would be regularly updated with compelling perspectives on what was happening at the event. To this end we helped create the “blog squad,” recruiting a team of excellent writers to join the conference and write for the blog. These contributors include Gary A. Bolles (Co-founder and CEO, Xigi Inc.), Marshall Kirkpatrick (Co-Editor and Lead Writer, ReadWriteWeb), Chris Mooney (Author, The Republican War on Science), David Spark (Founder, Spark Media Solutions), and Brian L. Wang (Director of Research, Lifeboat Foundation and lecturer, Singularity University). In addition to these terrific authors Open-First will be helping curate content from attendees and observers, adding to the richness of the conversation by bringing as many voices together as possible.

In addition to the long form of the blog, we also see the short form of “tweets” as an important way for people to follow the activities here at Techonomy. We’ve created a special Twitter account for the event (follow at and in addition to coordinating constant updates from the conference we are also providing a “tweetorial” (or Twitter tutorial) for interested attendees of the conference. With 250 techonomists in attendance we hope we’ll have dozens of new Twitter users reporting on their own personal experiences and insights as the conference progresses. The goal of the one on one tutorials is to provide a hands on experience using Twitter from an experienced user, answering any questions and clearing up any confusions about how to use the service. Open-First’s terrific Cassie Kovacevich (@cassiekov ) has organized these sessions for attendees, a service we first offered in 2009 with the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Already there is an impressive list of Twitter users here at Techonomy including:

Amit Chatterjee @PostCarbonEcon
Andreas Weigend @aweigend
Andree McAfee @amcafee
Aydin Senkut @asenkut
Bernardo Huberman @bhuberman
Bill Gates @billgates
Bill Gross @Bill_Gross
Brendan Lewis @BPLewisJNPR
Brent Schlender @brentschlender
Cal Fore @SweatMonkey
Cameron Sinclair @CASINCLAIR
Charles Best @CharlesBest
Chris Alden @calden
Chris Hughes @chrishughes
Chris Mooney @Intersection_
Danah Boyd @danahboyd
Darell Hammond @DarellHammond
David Fenton @dfenton
David Kirkpatrick @davidkirkpatric
David Pakman @pakman
David Spark @dspark
Dean Kamen @deankamen
Doc Searls @dsearls
Eli Pariser @elipariser
Elliott Bisnow @Bisnow
Eric Schmidt @ericschmidt
Erik Brynjolfsson @erikbryn
Fay Feeney @fayfeeney
Fred Vogelstein @fvogelstein
Gary Bolles @gbolles
Gene Frantz @nGENEr
Gordon Orr @grodonorr
Gregory Marino @GregoryMarino
Hill Ferguson @hillferguson
Ian Gertler @IanGertler
Ina Fried @inafried
Jaime Teevan @jteevan
Jason Spero @speroman
Jay Giraud @revtechnologies
Jay Hallberg @jay_hallberg
Jeff Bezos @jeffbezos
Jeff Weiner @jweiner08
Jeffrey Fulgham @H2Osustain
Jessi Hempel @jessiwrites
Jigar Shah @indiantiger24
John Brockman @edge
John Doerr @johndoerr
John Hagel III @jhagel
John Markoff @markoff
Joichi Ito @Joi
Joseph Coughlin @josephcoughlin
Joseph Mercola @mercola
Julia Boorstin @JBoorstin
Justin Fox @foxjust
Kamran Elahian @KamranElahian
Kathy Bloomgarden @rfdarius
Katie Fehrenbacher @katiefehren
Kevin Kelly @kevin2kelly
Laura Merling @magicmerl
Maggie Shiels @maggieshiels
Maria Bartiromo @Bartiromo
Marshall Kirkpatrick @marshallk
Matt Cohler @mattcohler
Matthew Bishop @mattbish
Michael Wolf @michaelwolf212
Nicholas Negroponte @nnegroponte
Ory Okolloh @kenyanpundit
Padmasree Warrior @Padmasree
Peter Vander Auwera @peterran
Ping Fu @pfugeomagic
Prith Banerjee @Prithbanerjee
Reid Hoffman @quixotic
Rick Tetzeli @tetzeli
Rik Kirkland @rikthekirk
Robert Goldberg @robertgoldberg
Robert Lemelson @LemelsonFdn
Saar Gur @saarsaar
Saskia Sassen @saskiasassen
Shaifali Puri @swbconnect
Soumitra Dutta @soumitradutta
Steven Levy @stevenjay1
Steven Sprague @skswave
Stewart Aslop @Salsop
Sylvia Earle @bluerules
Ted Shelton @tshelton
Terra Terwillger @TerraT
Timothy Christin @redwing22
Wesley Boyd @wesboyd
Zach Klein @zachklein

Whether you are at the conference or not we hope you’ll enjoy the blog and Twitter coverage of the event. And become as engaged as we are in the mission of Techonomy!

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