What Mom and Pop Businesses Should Know About Buying a Food Truck to be Successful

When it comes to the food truck business, your first year of operations is crucial to forecasting the next few years. Why does this matter? Because in 2017 more than 70 percent of food trucks failed within their first two years of operation.

Small businesses struggle more than corporations when it comes to buying a food truck because many don’t know how to vet food truck companies, nor do they see the value in buying new, custom food trucks for their business. However, buying a food truck from a reputable builder is crucial to ensuring the first couple years of their journey is successful. These tips will help.

Why You Should Buy New from Top Food Truck Builders

There are multiple reasons why buying a new vehicle from food truck builders will help prepare you for being hyper successful in your business. One of the leading reasons why so many food truck businesses fail is because business owners buy used food trucks and run into a slew of expensive repairs.

Second-hand food trucks are never guaranteed. When you need ongoing engine and equipment repairs, you can expect to spend thousands of dollars. Furthermore, if you aren’t out on the street in the public eye, your customers will go to your competitors and get hooked on their cuisine. Also, the obvious point to make here is that when your truck is in the shop, you aren’t making money; your access to revenue is repeatedly interrupted and your earning potential plummets.

New vehicles are backed by food truck builders meaning that if anything goes wrong within the time of the warrants, you are covers. This means all you need to pay is routine maintenance as you would on anything that has an engine and working equipment. When buying a food truck that is new, you get peace of mind knowing that your entire business rests on a healthy platform.

Look for Food Truck Manufacturers that Build to Meet Your Needs

Do you need an 18-foot platform or a trailer? Will a 16-foot custom food truck give you the space you need to be successful? When small businesses work with the best food truck manufacturers, they enjoy the benefit of sitting down with experienced food truck designers who take their client’s business model, growth goals and use their local market data, in part, to help configure the ideal food truck build. If you go this route, you will get a custom food truck design that meets YOUR needs. In other words, this is a food truck you can currently function successfully in, and still have room to grow when you hire on an extra person or two. Building a food truck designed to support your growth goals is crucial because it means you don’t have to buy a new vehicle again as you expand.