Stop procrastinating

The author of the technique that we explain below relates the procrastination to the evolution of our ancestral DNA, programmed to avoid those things that could compromise our survival. It is important to have a powerful way to nullify negative judgment about yourself when you procrastinate. Honesty is the first step: Does stress come from a real or perceived threat? What is the worst scenario among those that cause you fear? The 5 second rule will help you deal with it. You may have been procrastinating very important things like an appointment with the Tijuana dentists that you have to attend right now, to be postponing things may lead you down a more serious path than you think.

The 5-second rule to stop procrastinating
Recognize that you are stressed: Do not analyze or dissect. Accept that what happens to you is not a lack, defect or disability but a common and human reaction to stress, which affects your decisions. This first step subtracts a little pressure and allows the prefrontal cortex of your brain to play a role in the next decision.
Make a five-second decision that is directly contrary to the stress response: Robbins calls this a value decision. “When you act with courage, your brain is not involved, your heart speaks first and you listen,” says the author. In other words, instead of trying to rationalize stress by thinking or asking “how can I cope with it?” Try to do exactly the opposite and make the decision to spend the next five minutes of work doing what you are avoiding.
5 seconds for five minutes: If it’s a phone call, pick up the phone and make the call. If it is about the delivery of an article, write what is possible during the next five minutes. Maybe the results are optimal or otherwise, they are brilliant, but it does not matter: the fundamental thing is that you have broken the cycle and shown that you can face stress.
As usual, you will need time to build new habits, so this technique is fundamental to activate and a posteriori, build habits that help you be more productive and escape stress.

What this method demonstrates is that procrastination is a natural and valid response to stress, making it easier to know that you are always only five seconds away from making a decision, avoiding the irrational delay and waiting that inevitably leads to procrastination. If you are reading this post, you may be avoiding taking up a task, but the good news is that you are only 5 seconds away from procrastinating and being able to do so.