Serious mistakes in a job interview

Not knowing what the company does: There are many people who go to interviews without knowing what exactly the company does. So it does not matter the rest of things you say or do, if you have not ‘shown interest’ in the company, you may not be hired because of your lack of interest. If you want to go with everything prepared, try to learn the basics of the company, the services they offer, when they were founded, who founded it and some interesting anecdote about the company. You have to be positive and show your desire to work and show that you will be very helpful for the new team you want to get involved in, but before you go for dental implants in Tijuana if you need it to give a better first impression.

Arriving late: If you arrive late you will be sending a message to the person who recruits, which is none other than that your time is more important than yours. Leave time for the interview, and calculate possible incidents that may happen to you. Also, if you have to wait a while before entering, this time will be good for you to prepare mentally.
Wearing the wrong clothes: Wearing too short, casual or tight clothes can be a big mistake for a first contact with the person who recruits.
Do not get too wrapped up: Prepare the interview with concise answers, and try to ramble as little as possible. If they ask you a question that you have not prepared and do not know how to answer, be a clear person and state that you do not know how you can contribute to this or that you do not know the answer.
Lying or exaggerating things: You must be as faithful as possible to your way of being, your experience, your achievements and goals. Sometimes in the interviews they ask for a project that the person interviewed has at that moment, and the person who recruits can see if there is a lot of difference in the actions with what you count. So try not to exaggerate or lie about yourself.
Follow the rhythm of the person interviewing you: You are not the person conducting the conversation, so adapt to the rhythm of the person who recruits. If you respond very quickly, it may seem that desperation has overtaken you, and if you respond slowly it may seem that you think you are not up to the job.
Disturb in the following stages of hiring: Once you have done the interview, you can also make mistakes that make you not hire. For example, if you constantly ask through emails when they will make a decision, it may seem that in the last jobs you interviewed you were not caught and insecurity comes to the surface.
Show your enthusiasm: Do not try to hide that you are interested in the offer and that you are willing to start. On the contrary, try to explain why you think you would be the most appropriate person for that position.